There is nothing more tragic than lost significance,
You let the waves of your hair define your crowning glory so when you lost it, when it all fell out you deemed yourself to be something less.

And finding like-minded souls whose hearts rhythm beat differently enough to create hooks and choruses with the melody of your heart made you believe you were keeping time,

But as you realised that bad songs sometimes have good rhythms as you realised your own symphonies, your conduction proved off beat with what you thought were kindred souls.

So remove yourself from these things you have made piggy banks,

From these mere mortal entities that you have placed your self-worth,

Look within… you know your song even when its drowned out by the drumming chorus of circumstance and ill encounters,

Are you listening ?

Listen, you know what you want,

You have turned Nefertiti into Bible serpent,

Being tempted by lesser fortunes, because your greatness lies in the uncomfortable cracks within the brokenness of your soul and so you hid. . .

You fled the cracks, thinking you were fleeing past mistakes and what had hurt you —

But you ran away from lessons . . .

Learn. And when the tears of lesson fall let them soothe, let them go,

When you’re done, listen…