Smooth winds whispered tones
Cool breeze happy souls

This is peace.

Rain, raindrops that congregate into a sign of an answered prayer
It’s in the whispered words uttered by a glance or a lengthened silence

That is love.

Disappointment, shattered expectations
Well meant emotion that turns into naivety in the eyes of a former lover

This is heartbreak

Resentment, happening slowly then all at once
In a state of denial whilst convincing yourself you’re over it
The memories of what was floods you with regret
And you realise you can’t swim.

That, a phase of disappointment.

Mindless wondering, soul searching.
Forgetting the shadows of old and stepping out a new creation
Self love, self appreciation

That, bliss.

Family dinners, friendly laughter
Not asking for too much
Knowing that you are enough
And then, right there in plain sight



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